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 Awkward Shop Keeping Commence.

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Christian White

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Awkward Shop Keeping Commence.  Empty
PostSubject: Awkward Shop Keeping Commence.    Awkward Shop Keeping Commence.  EmptyMon Dec 03, 2012 11:20 am

Christian stepped down the last step of his now empty flat, his step mother had left him this shop in her will and his father was determined to have him run it. He sighed as he straightened the sign reading:

All orders are custom made to your needs
It's our pleasure to serve you!
*Please place all orders with the Shop Keep or over owl.

He opened the door and stepped behind the counter with an eye roll. He hoped with all his heart he wouldn't be to awkward or embarrassed today.

"Hello there," He said as someone entered the shop. "Welcome to Dumbledore's Secret! Everything we sell is customized for you."
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Awkward Shop Keeping Commence.
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