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 My first wand!

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Ashlynn Laurent

Ashlynn Laurent

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My first wand! Empty
PostSubject: My first wand!   My first wand! EmptyThu Dec 15, 2011 3:26 pm

Ashlynn's father had left her to herself as she walked around Diagon Alley. "Okay, I need a pot for potions... the books... A wand... Hmm, Ollivander's is the wand shop, I'll stop there next." She muttered to herself. Her onyx hair flowed around her shoulders, covering most of her face. Her hand hesitated over the door knob when she reached Ollivanders, nervous to enter.

"Hullo, young witch." She nodded her head at the man and smiled gently, turning to look at the boxes upon boxes of wands.

"Which would you recommend sir?" She murmured politely.

"Oh, the wand chooses you, dear." He laughed. Ash furrowed her eyebrows,

"Excuse me?" The wand chooses you? What?

"Hmm, let me get a look atcha." She stood looking at him, he 'hmm'ed as he studied her before climbing on a ladder and sliding along the wall. He did this a few times at different levels, slid back down, and walked over to Ashlynn.

"Try this one first, dear. Apple wood, Phoenix feather, and 11 1/2 inches." He commented pulling a light brown wand out. She held it carefully, but looked up at him quizzically.

"Go on, give it a go." She bit her lip and flicked it, nothing happened. She frowned and handed it back to him,

"I think it's defective, sir." She murmured. He chuckled,

"No, no. Just not the right one." He handed her the next,

"Black walnut wood, Fwooper and Hippogriff feathers in the core, 8 inches." He handed it to her. She took it hesitantly, her small, pale fingers wrapping around it's end loosely. Her eyes widened as it felt warm in her hand. She flicked it lightly, her hair flowed and a light wrapped around her.

"Yes, I do believe that's the right one for you." He smiled. She beamed at him, handing him the money.

"Thank you so much, sir!" She smiled, turned and left, holding her wand gently in her hand.
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My first wand!
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