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 So, You're After Quills?

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Sisilee Carter

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So, You're After Quills? Empty
PostSubject: So, You're After Quills?   So, You're After Quills? EmptySun Aug 07, 2011 6:34 am



Standard school Quill – 3 galleons
Coloured standard school Quill (Blue, green, red, yellow, purple, orange, specialised) – 5 galleons, Specialised + 2
Eagle feather – 6 galleons
Coloured Eagle feather – 8 galleons, Specialised + 1
Other bird type feather (non-magical) – 8 galleons
Other feather (magical) – 11 galleons, Colour + 2
Spell checking – 8 galleons
Self inking – Mechanism 3 galleons + Quill of choice
Auto Quills (Quick quotes, Dicta, Auto-Notes) – 9 galleons

Black – 2 galleons
Coloured – 3 galleons, Specialised + 1
Colour changing – 4 galleons
Invisible – 3 galleons
Invisible + Revealer – 5 galleons

Standard – a galleon per foot
Other types parchment – price on request

Other Items
Lap desks – 15 galleons
Parchment measures – 2 galleons
Quill knives – 3 galleons
Ink pots – price on request
Quill boxes – Small, 4 galleons; Medium (double compartment), 5 galleons; Large (compartmentalised), 6 galleons
Other items (non-specified) – price on request.

**by Julie Pulie**
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So, You're After Quills?
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