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 Scarlet Mason

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Scarlet Mason


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PostSubject: Scarlet Mason   Sat Aug 13, 2011 1:12 am

Name: Scarlet Brianna Mason
Year: 6
House: Gryffindor
Blood Type: Muggleborn

Likes:cookies, sweets, reading, quiet, ocean, warmth, singing
Dislikes:loud noises, bitter things, being bullied, her glasses, being forced
Strengths:loyal, defends what she believes in, strong
Weaknesses:seems distant, tends to let people walk all over her, can be shy

Father: John Mason, 32 lawer
Mother: Elizabeth Mason, nee Seesing, 32, Kindergarden teacher
Siblings: muggle brother Caelum and muggle sister Clara, twins, six years old.

Lives in a rather average family, in a nice house, well off, nothing spectacular ever happens. Her family is rather accepting of her magic, now anyway. The family harbours a rather grotesque past. The family is rather quiet, the loudest it gets is when its bathtime for the twins. Scarlet helps out a lot but she normally sits in her bedroom in the attic, where she has a small tower like place wall to wall with books and reads. Or paints. She's very creative and calm. But she can get excited too, she loves to have fun its just..her idea of fun is much..quieter and more peaceful than that of many her age. She'd rather have a tea and relax than go out and party. Not that she'd be allowed to party. No, Scarlet was born with a 'magical gift', her voice. And an incredibly wide range. So as soon as she was old enough (five) her parents sent her to music lessons. And she has to train as often as possible. Every family event (aka, every time her parents might climb the social lader) she has to sing for the guests and play doll.
She does manage to escape here and there, as long as she does something. And no one would ever bother to notice her anyway. She's gone for six years through hogwarts and no one has ever really bothered to talk to her. Fine by her, she spends a lot of time with her turtle named Tutle. Tutle is also sixteen though a familiar so she ages until Scarlet dies.
In a burst of insanity and actual fun, she dyed her hair pink.
Yes. Pink.

Relationship: I wish.
Enemies:I wouldnt know of any.

~Approved by Evelyn DeArbour~
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Scarlet Mason
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