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Please be patient as we try to recreate hpnextgen to the best standard that we can. If you have any questions, please feel free to PM Gwen DeArbour, Evelyn DeArbour or Thomas Riddle

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 Old NG Profiles - Fifth Year

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Sisilee Carter

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PostSubject: Old NG Profiles - Fifth Year   Tue Aug 09, 2011 9:22 am


Name: Seraphina Rose D'Ambrosio
Age: 16
Year: Fifth
Birthdate: 3/16
Blood Type: Pureblood

Likes: Guys, flirting, looking pretty, causing trouble, reading, writing, telling stories, music, clothes, shopping, sweets
Dislikes: Boring people, people who tell her what to do, bossy people, manipulators, annoying people, most kids
Strengths: Reading, writing, looking nice, flirting, getting what she wants, some school subjects
Weaknesses: Sweets and her niece

Mother: Crystal D'Ambrosio (Grayson)
Father: Frank D'Ambrosio
Sister: Amelia D'Ambrosio
Niece: Chloe D'Ambrosio

Relationship: None yet
Friendships: None
Enemies: None


Name: Evelyn Carter
Age: 15
Year: 5th
House: Gryffindor
Birthdate: 4/24
Blood Type: Pureblood

Likes: Running, swimming, Potions, Charms, and flying
Dislikes: Spiders, most people
Strengths: Fast, honest, hides emotions well, works well alone
Weaknesses: can be impulsive, does not trust easily, jumps to conculsions

Family: Father- Adam Carter, Mother- Beverly Carter, Brothers- Cameron and Dylan Carter
Personal: Living with her parents and brothers throughout the summer, she anticipates the Hogwarts year. Her elder brothers are out of school, and work away. Her family is elitist, and therefor she has grown up disliking Muggleborns and Muggles, however she has recently begun to question this. The war is making it difficult to decide whether she agrees with her parents. Her brother, Cameron dislikes her, while she is close to Dylan. She can be quite mean especially when somebody annoys her, and only gives respect to those who earn it, no matter there blood status.

Wand: Willow wood, Ashwinder Ash, 10.5 inches- good for protection Charms



Name: May Rulau
Age: 15
Year: Fifth
House: Gryffindor
Birthdate: 7/17
Blood Type: Pure Blood

Likes: Potion making, flying, shopping, hanging out with her friends.
Dislikes: Most Muggle Borns, being compared to her elder sister, her brother-in-law.
Strengths: Flying, Potion making, and thinking up plans
Weaknesses: Transfiguration, cooking, doing her homework right away.

Mother: Alesia Rulau
Father: Logan Rulau
Elder Sister: Anna-Marie Poller
Brother-in-law (married to Anna-Marie): Bradford Poller
Elder Brother: Travis Rulau
Younger Sister: Katlyn Rulau

May is known for having a mean personality. She believes that due to her family’s high status that she is better then most. Well that is what she shows. While she is naturally meaner then most. She does have a tender side to her. One she only shows to her friends and family though. Due to her upbringing she has very low tolerance for Muggle Borns and only the most intelligent and gifted will earn her respect. Over her short life she became almost obsessive over power. She almost always have an plan forming and will doing anything to get what she wants. She prefers to surround herself with people so she always has someone to talk to. She is always striving to be better then her elder sister due to the fact she is always compared to her. May is constantly worrying over her looks. She is very skilled at spells that alter one’s appearance.

Relationship: Single


Name: Anna White
Age: 15
Year: 5th
House: Hufflepuff
Birthdate: June 14
Blood Type: Half-Blood

Likes: Herbology, reading, drawing, swimming, jogging, boys, making friends, animals, rain, cooking
Dislikes: Astronamy, mean people, snow.
Strengths: Herbology, Brave, funny, smart
Weaknesses: Boys, Astronamy, animals.

Family:Anna is a only child in her family of three. When she was 3, she moved to Canada from London and had been there until she got her letter to Hogwarts, she went to stay with her Grandparents in Muggle London and they bought her a kitten named Jasper. Anna's mother is a witch who loves Herbology. She has a hude magical garden at home with over 200 types of plants. Her father is a muggle, who doesn't like magic very much.

Personal: Anna is a very strange, random, brave girl who loves to meet people and hang out with friends. She can be sarcastic at times, and shes very funny. She loves to help people. She has a passion for drawing and learning. She draws plants and animals mostly. Her goals are
~To complete Hogwarts
~To make friends
~To get married and have children
She is often sarcastic, and she has a good sense of humor.



Name: Jennifer Anna Morgan
Age: 15
Year: 5th
House: Gryffindor
Birthdate: May 4th
Blood Type: Halfblood

Likes: Cooking, Warm weather, talking to people, taking risks, having fun, music, singing, dancing, animals, rain,camping, nature, daydreaming, drawing
Dislikes: Thunderstorms, girly girls, pink,
Strengths: Smart, Friendly, Strong
Weaknesses:Gets lost in thoughts while she is in class, Can be a bit judgmental at times

Family: Jen grew up with her parents and younger sister, in a small house in London, England. She has always been close to her sister, who is only one year younger than her. Jen always knew that she came a half wizarding family, but she didn't know if she'd have powers like her mother. Her mother is a pureblood, who married a muggle, despite the usual hatred that Purebloods have for muggles. Her mother's only job is to raise Jen and Alex, while her father works as a muggle resturant owner.

Jen has always loved to draw. She often spent hours in her room and outside sketching things. She also loved warm weather and rain, but she is rather frightened of thunderstorms. Besides that, shes very brave. You can always find her taking risks. She loves to go camping with her father during the summer, which they did almost every weekend before she got her letter.

She was extremly excited when she got her Hogwarts letter. She had not been sure if she was a witch like her mother, until then.

Personal: Jen has long straight brown hair that she usualy wears down. She has green eyes that look sort of brown at times. Her skin is tan and she is 5'4". Her body is a bit mature for her age, and she is curvy. She is a bit skinny, but not freakishly so.

Relationship: None.
Friendships: None.
Enemies: None.


Name: Renee Snape
Age: 15
Year: 5th year
House: Hufflepuff
Birthdate: Feb. 11
Blood Type: Pure blood

Likes: hanging with friends, some dark colors and light but no bright colors like pink and neon colors.
Dislikes: her sister at times, bossy, stuck up and pure bloods
Strengths: knowing the law, caring for people, and making friends
Weaknesses: caring too much for her family and sometimes other people.

Family: Heaven Snape older sister, Severus Snape is whatever Renee's not sure, father on and off at being a parent, mother was never really a parent but Renee takes care of her. Heaven doesn’t really regard Renee as a sister or acknowledge her a lot of the time.
Personal: Renee is use to doing her own thing and makes friends slightly easier then her older sister does. Has different view’s then her sister and will stand for them even if it means going against her sister. She has light blue eyes that basicly almost look white, has black mid-long hair, and has a tattoo on her back that her parent's don't know about. It's in the shape of a red rose with words on it that say Live Forever and Love Strong.



Name: Dimitri James Parker
Age: 15
Year: Fifth
House: Ravenclaw
Birthdate: April 24th
Blood Type: Half-Blood

Likes: Reading, Writing, getting under peoples skin, being right (Which he usually is) playing pranks.
Dislikes: Being late, people not doing what they should, Most Muggles.
Strengths: Dimitri has a good memory and is a quick reader, he also sometimes makes a good plan from thin air.
Weaknesses: Dimitri has a few things he would consider weaknesses, for example, his compassion to friends he would consider a weakness, along with the fact his plans tend to have large flaws in them

Family: His family has taught him the proper rules of respect and how to treat his elders, however he ometimes breaks these rules, and while he knows he may be harshly reprimanded later, he usually ignores it at the time, usually because he has much more to gain from ignoring these rules.
Father: Andrew Matthew Parker
Mother: Amelia Cecilia Parker

Personal: Dimitri has spent the majority of his life deciding on his career and causes for when he leaves school, while he will socialise often, his mind doesn't usually deviate from thee goals, trying to discern who would be of use after he gets out of Hogwarts. He used to be much more laid-back, but then, due to past events he has hardened his heart and does well and no longer feels the need for constant companionship.



Name: Horus Lupercal
Age: 14
Year: Fifth
House: Hufflepuff
Blood Type: PureBlood

Likes: Black, Blue, Friends, romance, Winter
Dislikes: Summer, disloyal ppl
Strengths:Loytality, Friendship, Dependiblity
Weaknesses:Too stubborn, somethines acts without thinking

Personal:This who i am, if you dont like me, then dont but i wont change for anyone at all

Relationship: Maya Riddle


Name:Isabella Taylor
Year: Fifth Year
House: Ravenclaw
Birthdate: January/11
Blood Type:Unknown(shes an orphan)

Likes: Isabella likes chocolate, friends, loyalty, and punk music.

Dislikes:Isabella dislikes tomatoes, mustard, and cowards.

Strengths: She is really smart, very hand-eye coordinated, and is exellent at charms and spells.

Weaknesses: She has difficulty with the Patronus spell, and is a klutz(she bumps into people often).

Family: She has no family, she goes to a Muggle orphanage during the summer months. She hates it there, they think she is a freak. She though so too, until she recieved a Hogwarts letter when she was fourteen, turning fifteen.

Personal: She is determined to know why her letter was late, and get justice for it.




1 band tee
1 pair of dark wash ripped jeans
1 strapless purple dress
1 ravenclaw medium-sized uniform
1 pair of converse sneakers
1 pair of black flats


3 normal quills
1 medium-sized two-compartment ink pot
1 color-changing ink
1 black ink

4 Wizochocs

Nimbus 2011 (parting gift from her father)


Name: Trista Alessandra Black
Age: 15
Year: 5th
House: Gryffindor
Birthdate: 4/13
Blood Type: Pure blood

Likes: Girly things, doing her make up, doing her hair, boys, looking her best, sports
Dislikes: Laziness, looking sloppy, failure, rejection, fake girls
Strengths: Honesty, fashion, intelligence, wit
Weaknesses: Her brother Ryan, chocolate, new clothes (and shoes!)

Great-Grandfather: Sirius Black III (Deceased)
Great-Grandmother: Angela Black (nee Sawyer, Deceased)
Grandfather: Sirius Black IIII (Deceased)
Grandmother: Jessica Black (nee Burke) (Deceased)
Father: Regulus Black II (42)
Mother: Isabelle Black (nee Longbottom) (39)
Brother: Ryan Black (17)

Personal: Trista completely adores her older brother, Ryan. She's fiercely protective, and she's always wanted an older sister she can bond with. She's headstrong and always goes after what she wants, and doesn't back down from any challenge. She used to play sports all the time with her brother, and she was a tom boy until she went to Beauxbatons. There, she transformed into an almost new person entirely (on the outside.) That was where her love for fashion, and doing her hair and make-up came from. She always makes sure she has the best clothes, as well as the latest fashion trends.

Relationship: --
Friendships: Ryan Black, Reyna Faulkner, Indiana Lamperouge
Enemies: --


Name:Maya Riddle
House: Ravenclaw
Birthdate: 10/25
Blood Type: halfblood

Likes:sarcasm, winter, choclate, the color black, duling, power, her amazing poker face, good looking boys.

Dislikes:people arguing with her, pink, being powerless and bein bossed.
Strengths:DADA, charms, potions, lying, parceltongue

Weaknesses:care of magical creatures, history of magic, she gets angry fast

Family: (parents: Lily Riddle, jake Riddle )(cousins: skyler riddle, thomas riddle)
Personal: she rispects her family traditions, and she honers the magical laws, she is sneaky, she has a bit of a bad temper, she cant trust people very fast, she is pretty quiet but she is wise.
Relationship: Horus Lupercal
Friendships:thomas riddle, skyler riddle, julian pierce, Gwen DeArbour,


Name: Audrey Edwards
Age: 15
Year: Fifth
House: Gryffindor
Birthdate: Oct. 5th
Blood Type: Muggle born

Likes: Reading, writing, flying, History
Dislikes: essay writing, bullies, ferrets
Strengths: tends to stand up for what she believes in
Weaknesses: has a tendency to procrastinate on work

Mother: Hannah Edwards nee Duffy
Father: Michael Edwards
Siblings: None

Personal: Audrey found out that she was magical when she summoned her book back from her mother when she was eight. After freaking both her mother and her father out, it wasn't until she was eleven when she found out that what she could do was magic.


- Wand
Rosewood, Leprechaun hair, 8 inches

- Books
A History of Magic by Bathilda Bagshot
Dinners and Desserts by Lea Pilax
The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self-Protection by Quentin Trimble
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by William Baxter
Standard Book of Spells (Grade 4) by Miranda Goshawk
Muggles Over Time by Sean Bower
- 3 Ink
- 5 Quills
- 3 Rolls of Parchment

- 2 Medium Black Robes



Full Name: Annabelle Fey
Nickname: Abby, Fey, Anna, Bell(e)
Age: 15
Year: Fifth
House: Hufflepuff
Birthdate: January 3rd
Blood Type: Halfblood

Likes: Learning new things, chocolate, flying, reading, drawing, having fun, jokes, sarcasm, nature
Dislikes: hypocrites, backstabbers
Strengths: Care Of Magical Creatures, Herbology, Study of Ancient Runes, Art, flying
Weaknesses: Chocolate, Arithmancy

Family: None
Personal: Annabelle is an orphan who is always getting into trouble, she lie adventures and can't sit still for very long. She has no knowledge of her family but doesn't mind. Annabelle has been saving up money from a part time job to transferred from Beauxbatons to Hogwarts because she wanted to explore the world a bit more and see what it has to offer.

Wand: Oak, Thestral Hair, 13 inches
Pet: Male Pygmy Rabbit named Cheeko

Relationship: N/A
Friends: N/A
Enemies: N/A
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Old NG Profiles - Fifth Year
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