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 Stephanie Luna, We love and Miss You Dear.

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Cassandra Thorn

Cassandra Thorn

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PostSubject: Stephanie Luna, We love and Miss You Dear.   Mon Aug 08, 2011 2:45 am

One of the old Admins of NG, (to those her knew her as Steph/Sky/Jade/etc...) passed away on Wednsday.
Our darling Angel, we love you.

Post here whatever you want to say to respect her or show her your Love. Graphics, Texts, poems, letters...whatever.
We appriciate it.

(my tribute, a letter/prose)

Much has happened since I last saw you. Much has changed.
But not you.
Your dark curls, the look in your eyes, when you're surrounded by people who love you. Everyone does, How could they not? You're so beautiful, even inside! especially..inside… True beauty, I cannot say it enough! Like these words;… I miss you
I miss you so muh its breaking me, I crmble before your memory like stone. But I am no stone...
I am sand and you were the wind that held me together, i thought I was stone.
But I'm not. Wasn't. Will never be.
Not without you.Never...without you...How they taste, those words, so bitter and wrong… ‘Without you’.. Nothing is without you…How can there be…?
Can a rainbow shine without the illustrious sun?
Can a bird sing without a song?
No ...
Can a tree without roots can withstand the storm?
No, no, no.
So also...I…cannot...stand...without you…be ... without you…shine...without you...
But you! You shine! You blind me, oh heaven! Yes, heaven ... because you're there, you are ... and I'm here ... What am I doing here? Here without you ...
Without you ...
These words cut me, eate me, touch me with their vile claws on the arm, leg, wrap around my waist, devour me...
I can not breathe, because you were my air! My air! Come back!
How can I live without air ...?
How can I see without light ...?
How should I feel if you took all my feelings with you when you left ... ..
You went! Why did you leave? Why!? Why did you say nothing? Why did you not tell me? Why was I the last to know? That you are no more… never more…
My angel ... I love you, yes, believe me! Please! I'm begging you! Please, oh please .. please ..
Oh time, you wretched beast! Turn back, turn around! Give her back to me , my fair one .. no ...
Do not cry, my angel, my sunshine, please do not ... I know your reasons and I understand them ... But I cannot help being selfish, I'm human! I am human .. I'm not a stone ...
And so I weep for you, for your young life, your lost life ...
Your lost time ... but not wasted, never ...
You saved me, saved us, loved us, knowing that we did not deserve it. That we were living in squalor, until you came. Until you redeemed us ...
Although you've had enough to do, oh you are my brave angel, you were there for us, for me ...
I love you...
These words .. I wishthat I could yelleven louder, ... but I cannot .. because you took my voice with you and I can only whisper .. only...
I love you, oh you are my angel ... I love you ...
How often I could write those words ... so often ...
But I will not, you would not wish it. Your cheeks would turn red, your eyes are watering already, even in heaven above ...
One more time. Let me one more time.
Hold you, comfort you, see you, hear you, love you...
We'll see each other again, in time ... someday ... Yu'll wait, I know. You're always waiting for me.
I love you, oh you are my light, my heart, my soul ...
I love you.
<3 Gweedo/Daphdobbly/Daph
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Stephanie Luna, We love and Miss You Dear.
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