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 Emilie Porter

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Emilie Porter


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PostSubject: Emilie Porter   Sun Aug 07, 2011 10:47 am

Name: Emilie Alessa Porter
Age: Seventeen
Year: Seventh
House: Gryffindor
Birthdate: August 16
Blood Type: Pure blood

Likes: Her brother, having fun, sweets, attention, getting into trouble, friends, reading, acting, warmth, being playful, playing jokes on people
Dislikes: Being cold, Autumn, being underestimated, being judged, being wrong, how accident prone she is, the mentioning of her mother, thoughts of death
Strengths: Confidence, easy to get along with, outgoing, humor
Weaknesses: Her mother, her brother, impatient, can be over-sensitive, trusting people too quick,

Mother: Lorena Bennett (Porter)
Father: Maxwell Porter
Brother: Ryan Porter

Emilie is normally a sweet, polite, well-mannered girl when first meeting people. Once she gets used to whomever she's around though, she begins acting more like herself. She's friendly and will talk to almost anyone, and always has a cheerful air around her. She has a tendency of trusting people too quickly, but it hasn't gotten her into any trouble yet. She isn't naive although she's never been in love. She's headstrong, stubborn, and can have a bit of an attitude at times. She isn't easily angered and is usually optimistic about everything, so when she is upset or angry it's best to steer clear. Ever since the death of her mother, she's been wary of her own chances of developing the same cancer that took her mother's life. She's easy to get along with, and isn't afraid of acting like herself. She can be a flirt, but she's never actually had a boyfriend because she enjoys her freedom and independence, and no one has been able to capture and tame her free spirit.

Relationship: N/A
Friendships: Ryan Porter
Enemies: N/A

~Approved by Evelyn DeArbour~
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Emilie Porter
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