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 Boredom and A Bottle of Whiskey pt 2 (Early Spring/Late March)

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Luca Lestrange


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PostSubject: Boredom and A Bottle of Whiskey pt 2 (Early Spring/Late March)   Tue Mar 27, 2012 4:54 pm

While Ian was finishing up his last year at Hogwarts Luca was supposed to be working on setting up his potions business and shop and making sure everything was ready to open by the summer. Instead he was wallowing not only in his boredom but in the fact that he missed Ian. He had really surprised himself in how much he had settled down and mellowed out since he had gotten together with him plus Luca now had someone he wanted to at least try for.

His family were still pretty much out of the picture as he spent most of his time at the estate in Ireland when he wasn't in London on business and other than the occasional letter from Leyton that was about it. His father had been ill for a short time before finally giving in and going to St. Mungo's which was where he still remained and his mother opted to stay at her family's home in London to be close to him. As far as Leyton, last he heard he was traveling between Thailand and London to visit his son while their had been a brief mention of Hayleigh returning he had never asked more on the subject. So all in all he was left to his own devices.

Walking into the Leaky he took a seat at the bar and wasted no time in ordering a firewhiskey and a copy of the Daily Prophet. Might as well catch up on things while he enjoyed his drink. Enjoying the familiar burn he took his time flipping through the pages, after all he was in no rush to get home to an empty house.
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Gwen Caldwell

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PostSubject: Re: Boredom and A Bottle of Whiskey pt 2 (Early Spring/Late March)   Thu Apr 12, 2012 7:51 am

Gwens life had been turbulent for a while, getting pregnant, breaking up, living with Ian and Luca briefly, getting back together, giving birth, which was the most painful thing she'd ever been through, and finally getting married.
But now life was being bitchy again, what with Evan in the hospital. She'd left him to spend time with Faith at his request, him wanting her to relax a little. So she apparated to the bar and ordered a single firewhisky.
Apart from that life was good. She had family, soon she'd have utter safety and then things would be okay.
That was what she told herself over and over as she downed the glass, taking a deep breath afterwards, glancing to her left only to see a familiar face.

"Luca! Hey honey, how are you?" she smiled, turning to her best friends fiance.

||18||Married||Mommy||Former Slytherin||

Permission to GM my jackass- I mean Husband whom I love, Evan Caldwell.
And I can GM my cousin Evelyn, future head of the Cooper Family.
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Boredom and A Bottle of Whiskey pt 2 (Early Spring/Late March)
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