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Please be patient as we try to recreate hpnextgen to the best standard that we can. If you have any questions, please feel free to PM Gwen DeArbour, Evelyn DeArbour or Thomas Riddle

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 This is the Next Generation

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Cassandra Thorn

Cassandra Thorn

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PostSubject: This is the Next Generation   Sat Dec 24, 2011 3:46 am

This is our story line. We are in the year 2055, which means all HP canon characters, including any offspring of them, are now in adulthood or gone. So if you are going to take a canon name, make sure your character is atleast the grandchild of the canon character whose name you will be taking.

Since this is the future, we have a brand new uprising on our hands. The Annihilatus, a group of Muggleborn witches and wizards who are led by the first Muggleborn Dark Lord, seek to rid the wizarding world of the Pureblood Supremacy that continues to keep Muggleborns at the bottom of the tottem pole in the wizarding world. This group is just as dark and ruthless as their Pureblood counterparts, the Death Eaters.

The Death Eaters are still around, and still fighting, under the leadership of a new Dark Lord. Their goals: The same. They are Purebloods, who want to rid the wizarding world of its Muggle ties.

The Lux Veritatis (Light of Truth) is our 'good guys' group, so to speak. This group fights against both the Death Eaters and the Annihilatus, and attempts to protect magic and those who wield it, no matter blood type.

Student groups will be added for each.

This is our story line, and any questions, comments, suggestions and/or concerns you can contact any one of us in the Who to Contact thread.

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This is the Next Generation
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