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 You again?

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Ivan Kuznetsov


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PostSubject: You again?   Sun Nov 06, 2011 3:51 am

It was his first day at Hogwarts and the Sorting Hat put him in Slytherin. He found that quite strange. Not the House, he was expecting that. But the way students got sorted here at Hogwarts. A hat.
Anyway, now he was in the Slytherin Common room, where he was supposed to feel like at home. It was nice down here, he had to admit. Professor told him the common room was under the lake, so that explained why it was so green. He quite liked it there.

His luggage and everything was up in his dorms already, but he didn't feel like doing the unpacking now, so he claimed the armchair in front of the fireplace. There were people in there, but mostly first and second years and he really didn't want to talk to those little brats, so he picked up a random book that was on the coffee table near him.

He felt as if somebody was looking at him and as he looked up, he saw that Maya girl from Hogsmead.
"Oh, hello." he greeted her, bowing his head slightly.
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Maya Riddle


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PostSubject: Re: You again?   Sat Dec 10, 2011 8:34 am

Maya was walking randomly in the hallways, she was getting really bored hanging around all the goody goody two shoes Ravenclaws and she thought that she could take her minds off things if she did so. but of course her legs led her to the dungeons which was very much familiar with it you could call it creepy.
the snakes knew her and she always had the password to the common room, which was very relaxing for her, she always misses the atmosphere at the Riddle home, and being underneath the lake calmed her.
she smiled at a random Slytherin first year as she went in, she froze in the middle of her path to sit in front of the fireplace.
she stared at the blond boy that has taken her usual seat, she blushed as he caught her looking and said
"mm...hey" and she invited her self to sit at the second armchair next to him.
"so, you're here now..i didn't expect to see you so soon"
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You again?
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