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 Ivan Kuznetsov

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Ivan Kuznetsov


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PostSubject: Ivan Kuznetsov   Mon Sep 26, 2011 9:28 am

Name: Ivan Kuznetsov
Age: 16
Year: 6th
House: [We Will Fill This In When You Are Assigned A House During The Sorting Ceremony]
Birthdate: 4th of February
Blood Type: Pureblood

Likes: Hurting people, seeing pain in others, girls, the Dark Arts
Dislikes: "Good" people, crying, flowers, people who think that they're above him
Strengths: The Dark arts, persuading people, brewing potions
Weaknesses: Doesn't know when to stop, doesn't really know how to communicate with people

Family: Pureblood parents. Alexandra and Yuri Kuznetsov. No siblings.
Personal: All his life, he was surrounded by dark arts and people who practically worshipped the memory of Voldemort and ihs Death Eaters. He went to Durmstrang, where he turned out to be very good at casting dark spells and brewing potions. He grew up to be a boy who wishes for nothing else but to become a Death Eater and now his parents moved to England because they wanted their son to succeed here aswell, he got a chance to become one of the people he's been admiring all his life.

Enemies: Muggleborns and their protectors
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Ivan Kuznetsov
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