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 Lesson One: Conjuration

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Indiana Lamperouge

Indiana Lamperouge

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PostSubject: Lesson One: Conjuration   Sat Sep 24, 2011 3:35 pm

Indiana shook his head as the lesson started with note-taking on several sub-principles and exceptions within the Gamp's Laws of Elemental Transfiguration. He had wondered on why all of these small things weren't taught early but realized that accelerated learning was just a recipe for errors to be made. Thinking back on the principles that dictate the impossibility of creating sustenance from nothing, it was a shame that water was a rare exception. But since water is plentiful in all forms everywhere, maybe there were other factors that came into play.

Time passed before note-taking on the laws of transfiguration was done and the subject on conjuration began by reference to a chapter in the textbook. The professor then flipped through the book, gave the pages for assigned reading, and then getting everyone to take their wands out to try one of two spells or both. On the board, the first incantation was ACCIPITERORTIA, which would summon a hawk, and the second incantation SERPENSORTIA, which would summon a snake. No wand movements were needed for either of the spells.

Taking his wand out, Indiana decided to try the conjuration of a hawk but needed time to actually get a good picture for the sake of perfection. His past experiences in transfiguration and charms dictated that intent and visualization within magic can make all the difference in the world. Closing his eyes, he visualized the hawk in flight sprouting from a sphere of light at the end of his wand before holding the scenario in his mind. Opening his eyes, Indiana then pointed his wand at the ceiling and chanted. "Accipiterortia!"

Nothing happened except for a small sphere forming before it vanished a second later.
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Lesson One: Conjuration
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