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 Charms Lesson One

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Trista Black

Trista Black

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PostSubject: Charms Lesson One   Mon Sep 12, 2011 9:59 am

Trista hadn't been around much of late, but her family had been having issues and she was much more absorbed in that. She felt bad for the friends she'd simply been ignoring but she hoped that they'd eventually learn to understand her reasons and accept her future apologies. As for right now though, she had classes to attend and she had to put her best foot forward to forget everything she had been dealing with. She pulled her long brown hair from the bun it had been in, letting it fall in loose curls around her shoulders as she wandered down the hallway toward her Charms class. At least that should be a little bit fun, even if she hadn't any idea of who the new professor was or even what the first lesson was. She wasn't bothered by it too much though.

Once she got to the classroom she sat toward the back, which was a bit unlike her but she didn't put much thought into it. Pulling out a piece of parchment and her quill, she tucked her book bag underneath her chair and placed her wand down in front of her. She listened to the introduction as best as she could manage, but truth be told what was being said was things she was already aware of. She urged her sleepy eyes to stay open but she wasn't managing very well, and by the time she was blinking herself awake again everyone seemed to be at work. Immediately she frowned, her cheeks turning pink. She'd missed the instructions? Hopefully, she looked up toward the board but was disappointed to see that they weren't up there either. Great..

With a heavy sigh she bit her lip before hesitantly turning her body toward the person seated next to her. They'd probably seen her dozing, which made this all the worse, but she had to figure out what was going on.. "Uh.. what are we supposed to be doing?" She asked quietly. She felt extremely idiotic and her cheeks burned some more, but she fought off the embarrassment. "I got sort of.. distracted." She added on lamely. Yeah, by the back of your eyelids. She thought to herself. Smooth one.
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Charms Lesson One
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