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Please be patient as we try to recreate hpnextgen to the best standard that we can. If you have any questions, please feel free to PM Gwen DeArbour, Evelyn DeArbour or Thomas Riddle

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 Gotta keep fit!

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Scarlet Mason


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PostSubject: Gotta keep fit!   Mon Aug 29, 2011 10:36 pm

Scar pulled on her sports clothes and entered the gym before streching to warm up. It was pretty early in the morning, so not a high chance someone would be there.
Humming an old muggle song "Doncha" she started jogging, it wasnt long until she was singing it though as she jogged, a slightly silly grin on her face as she ran the track "Docha wish your girlfriend was hot like me? oh, doncha wish your girlfriend was a freak, like me? like me? Doncha...." ohhh she loved that song. Mainly because it was so un-her. she loved it.
Taking the running start needed she did a flip over the mats and jumped onto the bars, six years of being a gymnist kind of made her miss the gym here and there. So she slid down one of the poles along the bars and stopped in mid 'Doncha' seeing she was no longer alone.
"Oh, sorry. I didnt think anyone'd be here." she said softly fiddling with her necklace nervously.

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Gotta keep fit!
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