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 Blaine Summers

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Blaine Summers


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PostSubject: Blaine Summers   Wed Aug 24, 2011 5:57 am

Name:Blaine Drake Summers
House: Hufflepuff
Birthdate: 1/6
Blood Type:halfblood

Likes:Quidditch, charms, dancing, playing guitar,
Dislikes: smartasses, bullies, idiots,
Strengths: quick thinker, great dancer, good singer
Weaknesses: headstrong, stubborn, bad at potions, doesnt think before doing,

Family: two sisters, two Fathers.

Personal: He grew up around his two (gay) fathers and loves them, Though he´d be too 'tough' to say it of course. He loves his little sister Seraphina (six yrs) a lot and would spoil her every chance he gets. His Twin sister is muggle. They used to be close but Lorraine (17) is a bit jealous bu rlly she just misses him. He´s a nice guy really, kinda romantic at best though he is normally avoided by girls who usually think he´s fake.
Ah well.
Nothing to do about it.
Used to go to Beauxbatons but decided to finish in Hogwarts. Is from London. Lives...dunno yet really, London i guess.
When it comes to Rhi though..he's whipped.

Relationship: married to the beautiful Rhiannon Dashae
Enemies: probably.
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Blaine Summers
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