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 Alliana Stone

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Alliana Stone


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PostSubject: Alliana Stone   Sun Aug 07, 2011 6:32 am

Name: Alliana Marie Stone
Age: 18
Year: Graduate
Former House: Gryffindor
Birthdate: April 13
Blood Type: Pure blood

Likes: Laughing, joking around, sweets, friends, flirting, dancing around, learning, drawing, pranks, talkative people, her twin brother
Dislikes: Cold, oranges, fakes, liars, cheaters, two faced people, snobs, stuck up people, big egos
Strengths: Making friends, having fun
Weaknesses: Sweets, shyness, quick to trust, her twin brother

Family: Has a fraternal twin brother by the name of Alexander Stone. (To be added to later.)

Alliana always had a close relationship with her twin brother, Alexander. From the time the two had first begun attending Hogwarts, they made friends with another pair of twins, Buddy and Ariadne Holiday. Although the Holiday twins were two years older then the Stone twins, the pairs quickly became inseparable. Addy was Alli's best friend and she told the girl everything, while she always had a sort of unspoken school-girl crush on Buddy. She'd never admit it, and he was always the type to flirt with everyone, and so she never really thought he could have much of an interest in her either. Until one night, at age fifteen, her life changed forever. She ended up hooking up with Buddy, and she was almost positive that she had fallen hopelessly for him. Until a situation happened where he disappeared, and she didn't hear from him ever again. Torn, upset, and completely broken she'd thrown herself into her studies. At the very beginning of her sixth year, she ended up getting drunk and sleeping with (and loosing her innocence) to the notorious heart-breaker, Ryan Black. It was around the same time she met Patrick Wood.

It didn't take long for the two to begin to date, and Alli fell in love with him. They dated for around two years before the Holiday twins made their appearances once more. Buddy confessed his love to Alliana, and in her confusion about the entire situation, her relationship with Pat ended. It was meant as a break, but the two ended up being apart for about six months. In that time, Alliana figured out that while she'd always care for Buddy, they needed to close that chapter in their lives. And she did. Now back together with Patrick, she hopes to become a Healer, and is taking life as it wishes to come at her.


- Wand
Birch, Runespoor fang, 10 inches

Relationship: Dating Patrick Wood
Friendships: Alexander Stone, Ian MacAllister, Patrick Wood, Morgaine Arkanian, Evan Caldwell, Gwen DeArbour, Jared Collins, Tristan Lestrange, Ryan Black, Addy and Buddy Holiday
Enemies: --

~Approved by Evan Caldwell~
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Alliana Stone
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