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 Isabella Taylor

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Isabella Taylor


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PostSubject: Isabella Taylor   Mon Aug 22, 2011 6:47 pm

((this is my old HNG profile with a few minor changes)
Name:Isabella Taylor
Year: Fifth Year
House: Ravenclaw
Birthdate: January/11
Blood Type:Unknown(she's an orphan)

Likes: Isabella likes chocolate, friends, loyalty, and punk music.

Dislikes:Isabella dislikes tomatoes, mustard, and cowards.

Strengths: She is really smart, very hand-eye coordinated, and is excellent at charms and spells.

Weaknesses: She has difficulty with the Patronus spell, and is a klutz(she bumps into people often).

Family: She has no family, she goes to a Muggle orphanage during the summer months. She hates it there, they think she is a freak, and often beat her. She thought she was as stupid and weird as the orphanage led her to believe... until she received a Hogwarts letter when she was fourteen.

Personal: She is determined to know why her letter was late, and get justice for it.

Relationship:- Wink

Casey Weasley
Tristan Lestrange

Enemies:- Nobody yet, thankfully!
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Isabella Taylor
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