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 Evelyn Carter

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Evelyn Carter

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PostSubject: Evelyn Carter   Sat Aug 20, 2011 12:56 am

Name: Evelyn Grace Carter ~ Born Evelyn Cooper
Age: 15
Year: 5th
House: Gryffindor
Birthdate: 4/24
Blood Type: Pureblood

Likes: Running, swimming, Potions, Charms, and flying
Dislikes: Spiders, most people
Strengths: Fast, honest, hides emotions well, works well alone
Weaknesses: Can be impulsive, does not trust easily, jumps to conculsions

Family: Father- James Carter, (not real)Mother- Saskia Carter, Younger Brother- Liam Carter(Squib) Cousin- Gwen DeArbour(Cooper) Real Mother- Analynn Cooper

Personal: Evelyn grew up in a family of loving and happy people. Or so she thought. It wasn't that they were secretly bad or anything, no. But when it became obvious that Liam would not become a magical person after his 11th birthday came and went, his parents felt the need to remove the disgrace. In honesty, Evelyn had thought that would mean sending him to live with some muggles for a few years, and seeing how things went. That she was mad about, but when she woke up during the Winter Break of her fifth year to her brother's screams and pleading, it became obvious to her that Liam was not going to be living with muggles. Walking into her family parlour just as her father cast the worst of the Unforgivables on her young brother, Evelyn was ordered back to her bedroom, where her parents came to try and reason that what Liam was would have lead to a hard life for them all.
Turns out though, Evelyns Mother isnt really her Mother. Her Father was originally married to Analynn Cooper, a Huntress'. When Evelynn was just one, her mother was killed during a mission. Driven mad with grief her Father moved them from Salem, Massachusetts and changed his name and married a pureblooded witch as soon as possible. To keep Evelyn away from her destiny and family. After the horrible accident that robbed Gwen of her family and forced her to leave and fake her own death, taking her Mothers place as head of the Cooper Clan both girls wound up at Hogwarts. Both with no knowledge of the others existance or heritage.
Over Winter break Evelyn found a file in her Fathers drawer. Her true Mothers file, complete with picture, proffession and family tree. Gwens own mothers file was destroyed in a fire, hence why she has no knowledge of Evelyn. Though the public and Evelyns father believes Gwen to have died also, the file is from the Hunters and they know she is alive, so she is alive in the file. She's now trying to find out more and meet her cousin. Which will result in her own Training as Huntress, should she wish it.

Evelyn's views on pureblood supremacy faded over the weeks following, and she now despises her own blood status more than anything else in the world. Her intention is to destroy the idea of magic being everything and in turn kill her parents. But for now she goes to Hogwarts as a fifth year and manages to keep average grades.

Wand: Willow wood, Ashwinder Ash, 10.5 inches- good for protection Charms


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Evelyn Carter
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