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 Elizabeth Potter

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Elizabeth Potter

Elizabeth Potter

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PostSubject: Elizabeth Potter   Tue Aug 16, 2011 1:32 pm

Full Name: Elizabeth Potter
Nickname: Liz
Age: 29
House: Hufflepuff
Birthdate: Sept. 27
Blood Type: Half-blood
Job: We will add this when you get a job

Likes: Flying, reading, Defense, travel, dragons, and pranks
Dislikes: bullying, research,
Strengths: Dueling, flying, Transfiguration, and Astronomy
Weaknesses: Potions, is dead clumsy, tends to act without thinking

Family: She is the granddaughter of Harry Potter. Her father is James Potter and her mother is a muggle by the name of Janice Peterson. She's the only member of her family to have both her grandmother's hair and eyes. She is an only child.
Personal: Liz was born on September 27th, a whole two weeks earlier than she'd been expected. She was a small child, but none of her family ever messed with her. She had all the adults wrapped around her finger and the cousins knew it. She was always loyal to her friends, so no one was surprised when she was sorted into Hufflepuff when she was in her first year of Hogwarts.


Relationship: Currently single after a vicious break up three years ago with her old Hogwarts sweetheart Gavin Pierce. She hasn't seen him since she caught him with another woman.

~Approved by Evelyn DeArbour~
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Elizabeth Potter
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